Originally Posted: October 10th, 2016

CHEESE! Who doesn’t love cheese? Even lactose intolerant people seek dairy-free cheese cause it's so delicious. Ever wonder how to prepare the perfect cheese platter at your next party? We have the answer. It starts with a quick trip to your local grocer, we are partial to New Seasons because they have options of the following: olives, jars of pickled everything, dried fruit and fig spread. 

Important Tips:

-Keep the colors interesting! Not too much white and yellow cheese! Mix it up with some fun colored cheeses. Look for green cheese (Rosey-Goat/cilantro pepperjack) and red cheese (tomato and basil/Windsor Red). Make it colorful!

-Smaller the better! You don't want to see that expensive cheese disappear in seconds! Chances are you probably don't need much - a lot of cheeses only recommend centimeter sized cubes for gourmet cheese plates.

-Put gooey/crumbly cheese in the front of the cheeseboard. This way nobody has to reach around to the middle to awkwardly cut a piece off. Keep brie, gorgonzola, goat and blue cheese right in front with a serving knife.

-When adding meats to your cheese plate, we recommend putting the meat in a container that does not touch any of the surrounding cheese. This way vegetarians and non-red meat eaters are not deterred away from your cheese plate!

-We recommend 3 to 4 ounces per person for a cheese plate appetizer.

-Offer a selection of breads and crackers to go on or in a basket next to your cheese plate.

-Most popular cheeses at Opal 28 are: Brie (everyone's favorite), Manchego, Gorgonzola, Mozzarella Cheese Balls, and an Aged Cheddar.

-Our Favorite non cheese additions: pickled veggies (asparagus & green beans), fig spread, apricots, olives and chocolate.