Event Budgeting

Budgets are definitely one of the most stressful areas of event planning. They get out of hand easily, and people involved in the planning process get flustered.  Opal 28 is here to help you plan and stay on budget. 

We have four main categories for spending: Room Rental, Staff, Food & Bar Consumption

-Room Rental: This is a fixed cost at Opal 28, but we have different packages depending on your event and guest count. You can rent the space all day or at an hourly rate. 

-Staff: Depending on your guest count and event style, we want to staff your event accordingly. This way nobody is waiting for drinks or sitting in a pile of dirty dishes, and is getting the proper service necessary. 

-Food Service: This is a very flexible cost and completely depends on your preferences and plan for the event. Do you want heavy appetizers for a cocktail party style event or a formal sit-down, plated dinner for an intimate corporate dinner? Our food options range from $15 to $100+, so this is where some serious self control comes in. 

-Bar: Opal 28 charges based on consumption, so we can work with you to make sure you are not overspending on the beer, wine and booze. There are lots of options in terms of bar service to keep your costs down. Just host beer and wine or just serve your specialty cocktail. Options here are endless..... Our best tip would be to openly communicate what your bar budget is and we will help you make that happen. 

For a more comprehensive "Event Budget Breakdown," we love this infographic by Planning Pod.