Food Carts!

Food trucks are taking over Portland, and the best part about that is.....they are mobile! Once you find your favorite cart, ask them to cater your upcoming party. They most likely will. This is a great way to give your guests a selection of foods to choose from, and can usually have their food made to order. Having a food cart at your party is usually an affordable meal choice, and it creates a fun atmosphere for your guests.

Here are some things to think about for your food cart party:

-It will take your guests some time to get through the line. That means the more guests you have the longer your "dining hours" will be. Ask the cart how they typically feed large groups. If everything is made to order instead of pre-made, plan on some additional waiting time for guests. Try to think of some other form of entertainment, so not everyone rushes to the cart at once OR at Opal 28 we can provide some appetizers indoors to supplement the cart food.

-Think about seating options. At Opal 28 we can seat up to 60 people in the main room for dinner or split seating between the main room, resreve and patio.  You can create a cocktail style party, and have a mix of seating and cocktail tables. This works well during a food cart parties because, not everyone will be eating at one time because of the line at the cart. Plus people like to stand around the cart and eat on 28th.

-Pick your three favorite dishes from the cart. This way your guests still have options, but the truck can prepare and streamline the ingredients. 

-Having an indoor wedding? Figure out which door works best for your guests to access the food cart. At Opal 28, we park the food cart right outside the Main Room, so the cart is just steps away. 

-The rule of thumb is 75 guests per food cart or up to 100 with inside appetizer selections.

-Prices generally range from the $10-$15 a person but be prepared to pay a set up/cart transportation fee.

-Our favorite crowd pleasing cart is The Local Grind, Isand Style Plate. Check out their website here: .  TLG offers Opal 28 clients a complementary set up fee.