Interview with Elan from Coalition Brewery!

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Our favorite beers at Opal 28 are from our neighbor, Coalition Brewery! We always have Two Dogs IPA and a rotating seasonal on tap. We talked to Elan, from Coalition about how and why he started brewing, and we even got a great "Portland Beer Joke" out of him!

Tell us about Coalition Brewery?

Coalition Brewing was founded June 23rd, 2010 by Kiley Hoyt and Elan Walsky. Having just celebrated our brewery's 5 year anniversary, we are thankful and honored to be a part of the great community that makes up the brewing scene and our wonderful neighborhood.  Coalition is a 10 barrel production facility and tasting room.  We strive to brew extremely well balanced and drinkable beers using premium Northwest ingredients.  Everything from our grain to hops to yeast is grown locally or regionally...even our tanks and brewing system were built in Oregon. We produce three year round beers (Two Dogs IPA, King Kitty Red, and Space Fruit Citrus IPA), two rotating seasonals (Honey Trap, and Loving Cup Maple Porter), along with a handful of one off treats that run the gamut from classic ales and lagers to sours and experimental beers.      

Why did you start brewing beer?

I started brewing beer in high school as a hobby when I realized it was easier than asking people of legal drinking age to buy me beer, and it usually tasted better too.  I continued brewing as a hobby in college, and it helped keep me sane while working jobs that I hated.  I had the good fortune of meeting my business partner Kiley, and am lucky to have turned my hobby into a job that I love!    

What is your favorite beer to drink?

My favorite beer varies depending on the seasons and my moods.  I like beers that run the gamut from dark stouts and porters, to hoppy IPAs, tart sours, and sometimes even fizzy yellow macro beer. Though I mostly stick to craft beers, I still have a spot in my heart of High Life, one of the first beers I started drinking. Its one of the ultimate shower beers.  

What is your favorite part about having your Two Dogs IPA featured at Opal 28?

Having our beer featured at Opal 28 is great for many reasons, but one of my favorite reasons is all the different people who get to try our beer there.  Opal is an event space that has wide appeal to many different kinds of people, and sometimes that means people who wouldn't necessarily get to try our beer get exposed to it.  Also, I like that I can literally walk a keg down the street there if I want to!

Anything else fun that you would like to include?  

How about a cheesy beer joke: 

Q: Whats a balanced Portland diet?

A: A craft beer in each hand!

Thank you Elan! Check out Coalition Brewery at 2705 SE Ankeny and check out their website HERE.