Interview With Ronnie Of Malka Diamonds

Malka Diamonds is helping us celebrate our namesake month by donating a pair of opal earrings for us to give away! Opal 28 asked Ronnie Malka, owner of Malka Diamonds some questions about what it's like to be a part of the jewelry industry. 

How did you become interested in jewelry? The Malka Family has been involved in jewelry, more specifically,diamonds for the last three generations.  It was an obvious decision to follow in the footsteps that were paved for us.

What does Malka Diamonds specialize in? We are a one-stop jewelry store that specializes in custom jewelry and vintage rings.  Our state-of-the-art shop restores and creates just about anything.  We also have an exceptional collection of vintage and vintage-inspired rings as well as classic and timeless designs.  

You and your husband Dave work together to operate Malka Diamonds, whats your secret to a happy marriage?  It’s funny how often we get asked that question… I guess we would say that we never get hung up on the small stuff.  As long as we keep smiling and laughing, all is good.  We each bring different strengths to the shop.  David is a graduate gemologist, the guru of diamonds & gem stones.  He educates.  I am more of the host of the space.  I love to meet people, connect with them and find out what they are looking for.  Together, we make a good team.

What is your favorite part about selling engagements rings? An engagement ring is probably one of the most important artifacts in someone’s life.  It symbolizes the beginning of a life together.  There is a lot of pressure to purchase the "perfect ring” and we try to make the process a relaxing and memorable experience. Buyers come in, spend time with both David and myself, and gather information. They return to our store when they feel ready to buy.

What Is the most memorable proposal that you have heard about? We witnessed a proposal here at Malka Diamonds.  The couple picked out the ring together and she thought he would come back to pick it up later in the week and propose soon after.  Instead, he dropped to one knee and in front of our staff and a few other customers, asked her hand in marriage.  It was definitely memorable.

Thanks Ronnie! Check out Malka Diamond's website HERE. Malka Diamonds & Jewelry is located on 529 SW 3rd Ave. Portland, OR 97204