Music Playlists!

Originally Posted: October 4th, 2015

Music Playlist – We love Pandora & Spotify #28daysofopal!

Pandora & Spotify are time savers & both have great music for any occasion. Pandora is a radio station where you can choose a song or artist that you love & Pandora will create a station full of music that is similar to the original song/artist.  For $4.99 a month you can listen to Pandora free of ads...what a deal!

Spotify has a great selection of party playlists available as well. You can select the type of event (girls night out, dance party, BBQ, etc) or even chose a playlist based on your mood (good vibes, psyched, Sunday morning, etc.) Both platforms are great options to help you save time & host an amazing event!

In the event your budget allows for a band or a DJ we love live music!