Patio Before & After

As we mentioned on Day 2,  owner Margot Feves created the boutique event space that we now know as Opal 28. Margot remembers the first day she toured the property, "we walked around back and it was a jungle!  The two level outdoor courtyard had a giant faux white tile fireplace, rusted railings and an upper area that was a 3.5 foot mound of dirt, weeds, hidden hydrangea, bamboo, a staircase to unit 2 that even I was apprehensive to walk on and sooo many spider webs."  After months of planning Margot's vision came to life: three truckloads of dirt and debris hauled away, paving stones laid, fresh paint applied and bistro lights strung....the Opal 28 patio is now reminiscent of an outdoor European cafe.  Our favorite part about the upper terrace is after hauling away so much debris a beautiful Juniper and Dogwood tree remained which are still part of our landscape!

The private patio has held intimate ceremonies with20 guests to a standing ceremony with 100 guests!  We have had a bouquet tossed from Unit 4 balcony and a pinata strung from the tree.  The patio has also hosted seated dinners and many toasts!

We love the versatility of having a private outdoor space in the middle of the busting city.