Every Party Needs Dessert!

With so many delicious dessert purveyors in Portland it's hard to choose our fav. After being the host to a stylized wedding shoot in the spring of 2014 we met Chanelle Sabo (now Walters), she is a newlywed. Since then, she has been our go to for party and wedding desserts. Our partnership with Lux Sucre has us craving her salted fudge-y peppermint brownies (just in time for the holiday season), we can’t live without her apple crumble bars and we are in awe of her beautiful cake and cookie artistry. We asked owner and pastry Chef, Chanelle, a couple questions:

  • What is the most popular mini dessert you make for parties? Mini Tarts or French Almond Macarons

  • You got married this year, what is one piece of advise to future brides? Hire a fantastic wedding coordinator!

  • When you have a sweet tooth, what do you crave? A slice of RICH chocolate cake!

We hope you will join us for our 3rd birthday party on 10/28.  RSVP HERE