We like to party, so...

We are excited to kick off the month of October!

(our birthday month & celebration of our namesake!) 

Our Namesake Story: The opal is the October birthstone and we are located on 28th Avenue. Owner, Margot Feves’ treasured Grandma Sadie was born on October 28th. In the 60’s the retail space that is now the Main Room was a grocery store. It’s possible that Gram Sadie once did her grocery shopping at this very location!

We have some tricks up our sleeve this month and will be revealing our grand prize, given away to ONE lucky winner at the Opal 28 Birthday Bash, 10/28/16! Daily clues on our Facebook & Instagram the entire month of October, make sure you follow along to find out what we are giving away.

Birthday bash on FRIDAY 10/28/16, will feature some of our favorite vendors:

Three years is something to celebrate, please join us to dance, eat, drink and play with our family, friends, past clients, future clients, industry professionals & everyone in-between.  

RSVP via Facebook

xoxo, Opal 28 (Margot, Kristi, Sarah, Jeremy, Dan & Michelle) 


Thank You!

Thank you for celebrating our namesake month with us. We hope you learned a little bit more about Opal 28 and the experiences, projects, and hard work we have put in to create this environment for you.  If you read Day 2, you would know that Opal is the October birthstone and the 28th is owner Margot Feves's late Grandma Sadie's birthday plus we are located on 28th Ave.  Gram would have been 100 today, and that is something to celebrate.  

We are happy to announce the winner of the 28 Days of Opal giveaway: Dee Richardson! You will receive a beautiful pair of Opal Earrings from Malka Diamonds & Jewelry. Thank you so much for sharing the Opal 28 mission with your world.  For everyone else that shared, commented and liked our #28daysofopal we look forward to celebrating with you again soon.


Opal 28 & Indio Spirits Moscow Mule

Our go to liquor at Opal 28 comes from Indio Spirits! We love having locally made, Portland liquor in our bar from such a great distillery. Some of our staff favorites include the James Oliver Rye Whiskey, the Marionberry Vodka and the Hopka Hop Liqueur. The Hopka is infused with hops, giving it a unique beer flavor. (Which for us is a match made in heaven!) Check out our house Moscow Mule recipe, using Hopka!

Opal 28 Moscow Mules:

Hopka Hop Liqueur (We buy ours at Hollywood Beverage in NE)*

Ginger Beer (We use Cock & Bull) 


In a glass with ice, combine 2 ounces Hopka, juice of half a lime and top it off with Ginger Beer. Garnish with a lime slice and serve in a copper mug if you want to be fancy!

Interview with Carrie from Cellar 503

We do a lot of very formal events, so it is nice to mix it up with some casual Sunday afternoon soirées. Carrie, owner of Cellar 503, hosts her monthly wine club at Opal 28. 

What is Cellar 503?

Cellar 503 is a wine club featuring unique, high quality, affordable wines that represent the full range of great Oregon wine.  Cellar 503 is a wine club for anyone who loves Oregon wine and wants to explore. Choose from a red-only club, a white-only club or a mixed club - and before you know it, great Oregon wines will start arriving on your doorstep!

What happens at you monthly wine club event?

Our Sip 503 events are a great way for our local club members to pick up their wines, meet other club members and enjoy tastes of wines we are considering for future selections.  Sip 503 events are the third Sunday of each month and are open to the public.  They are a great way to learn more about Cellar 503 while enjoying some awesome small-production Oregon wines.  

What is your favorite part about hosting your wine club at Opal 28?

Opal 28 is the perfect location for our monthly Sip 503 events.  The intimate space is warm and welcoming and provides a great backdrop for our club members to taste wine and mingle with their friends and other club members.  The multiple event areas at Opal 28 allow folks to wander and find the perfect spot for tasting and chatting.

Patio Before & After

As we mentioned on Day 2,  owner Margot Feves created the boutique event space that we now know as Opal 28. Margot remembers the first day she toured the property, "we walked around back and it was a jungle!  The two level outdoor courtyard had a giant faux white tile fireplace, rusted railings and an upper area that was a 3.5 foot mound of dirt, weeds, hidden hydrangea, bamboo, a staircase to unit 2 that even I was apprehensive to walk on and sooo many spider webs."  After months of planning Margot's vision came to life: three truckloads of dirt and debris hauled away, paving stones laid, fresh paint applied and bistro lights strung....the Opal 28 patio is now reminiscent of an outdoor European cafe.  Our favorite part about the upper terrace is after hauling away so much debris a beautiful Juniper and Dogwood tree remained which are still part of our landscape!

The private patio has held intimate ceremonies with20 guests to a standing ceremony with 100 guests!  We have had a bouquet tossed from Unit 4 balcony and a pinata strung from the tree.  The patio has also hosted seated dinners and many toasts!

We love the versatility of having a private outdoor space in the middle of the busting city.

Interview with Elan from Coalition Brewery!

Day 22 coalition.jpg

Our favorite beers at Opal 28 are from our neighbor, Coalition Brewery! We always have Two Dogs IPA and a rotating seasonal on tap. We talked to Elan, from Coalition about how and why he started brewing, and we even got a great "Portland Beer Joke" out of him!

Tell us about Coalition Brewery?

Coalition Brewing was founded June 23rd, 2010 by Kiley Hoyt and Elan Walsky. Having just celebrated our brewery's 5 year anniversary, we are thankful and honored to be a part of the great community that makes up the brewing scene and our wonderful neighborhood.  Coalition is a 10 barrel production facility and tasting room.  We strive to brew extremely well balanced and drinkable beers using premium Northwest ingredients.  Everything from our grain to hops to yeast is grown locally or regionally...even our tanks and brewing system were built in Oregon. We produce three year round beers (Two Dogs IPA, King Kitty Red, and Space Fruit Citrus IPA), two rotating seasonals (Honey Trap, and Loving Cup Maple Porter), along with a handful of one off treats that run the gamut from classic ales and lagers to sours and experimental beers.      

Why did you start brewing beer?

I started brewing beer in high school as a hobby when I realized it was easier than asking people of legal drinking age to buy me beer, and it usually tasted better too.  I continued brewing as a hobby in college, and it helped keep me sane while working jobs that I hated.  I had the good fortune of meeting my business partner Kiley, and am lucky to have turned my hobby into a job that I love!    

What is your favorite beer to drink?

My favorite beer varies depending on the seasons and my moods.  I like beers that run the gamut from dark stouts and porters, to hoppy IPAs, tart sours, and sometimes even fizzy yellow macro beer. Though I mostly stick to craft beers, I still have a spot in my heart of High Life, one of the first beers I started drinking. Its one of the ultimate shower beers.  

What is your favorite part about having your Two Dogs IPA featured at Opal 28?

Having our beer featured at Opal 28 is great for many reasons, but one of my favorite reasons is all the different people who get to try our beer there.  Opal is an event space that has wide appeal to many different kinds of people, and sometimes that means people who wouldn't necessarily get to try our beer get exposed to it.  Also, I like that I can literally walk a keg down the street there if I want to!

Anything else fun that you would like to include?  

How about a cheesy beer joke: 

Q: Whats a balanced Portland diet?

A: A craft beer in each hand!

Thank you Elan! Check out Coalition Brewery at 2705 SE Ankeny and check out their website HERE.

Event Budgeting

Budgets are definitely one of the most stressful areas of event planning. They get out of hand easily, and people involved in the planning process get flustered.  Opal 28 is here to help you plan and stay on budget. 

We have four main categories for spending: Room Rental, Staff, Food & Bar Consumption

-Room Rental: This is a fixed cost at Opal 28, but we have different packages depending on your event and guest count. You can rent the space all day or at an hourly rate. 

-Staff: Depending on your guest count and event style, we want to staff your event accordingly. This way nobody is waiting for drinks or sitting in a pile of dirty dishes, and is getting the proper service necessary. 

-Food Service: This is a very flexible cost and completely depends on your preferences and plan for the event. Do you want heavy appetizers for a cocktail party style event or a formal sit-down, plated dinner for an intimate corporate dinner? Our food options range from $15 to $100+, so this is where some serious self control comes in. 

-Bar: Opal 28 charges based on consumption, so we can work with you to make sure you are not overspending on the beer, wine and booze. There are lots of options in terms of bar service to keep your costs down. Just host beer and wine or just serve your specialty cocktail. Options here are endless..... Our best tip would be to openly communicate what your bar budget is and we will help you make that happen. 

For a more comprehensive "Event Budget Breakdown," we love this infographic by Planning Pod.

Food Carts!

Food trucks are taking over Portland, and the best part about that is.....they are mobile! Once you find your favorite cart, ask them to cater your upcoming party. They most likely will. This is a great way to give your guests a selection of foods to choose from, and can usually have their food made to order. Having a food cart at your party is usually an affordable meal choice, and it creates a fun atmosphere for your guests.

Here are some things to think about for your food cart party:

-It will take your guests some time to get through the line. That means the more guests you have the longer your "dining hours" will be. Ask the cart how they typically feed large groups. If everything is made to order instead of pre-made, plan on some additional waiting time for guests. Try to think of some other form of entertainment, so not everyone rushes to the cart at once OR at Opal 28 we can provide some appetizers indoors to supplement the cart food.

-Think about seating options. At Opal 28 we can seat up to 60 people in the main room for dinner or split seating between the main room, resreve and patio.  You can create a cocktail style party, and have a mix of seating and cocktail tables. This works well during a food cart parties because, not everyone will be eating at one time because of the line at the cart. Plus people like to stand around the cart and eat on 28th.

-Pick your three favorite dishes from the cart. This way your guests still have options, but the truck can prepare and streamline the ingredients. 

-Having an indoor wedding? Figure out which door works best for your guests to access the food cart. At Opal 28, we park the food cart right outside the Main Room, so the cart is just steps away. 

-The rule of thumb is 75 guests per food cart or up to 100 with inside appetizer selections.

-Prices generally range from the $10-$15 a person but be prepared to pay a set up/cart transportation fee.

-Our favorite crowd pleasing cart is The Local Grind, Isand Style Plate. Check out their website here: http://www.localgrindpdx.com .  TLG offers Opal 28 clients a complementary set up fee. 

Helpful Wedding Resources

Opal 28's Favorite Wedding Resources: The Knot, Wedding Wire, Oregon Bride, & Portland Bride & Groom

Wedding Wire & The Knot: These are both great resources for finding awesome vendors and have tons of helpful planning tools to get a head start on the wedding planning process. We especially love the wedding checklists and first dance suggestions on Wedding Wire. On the Knot we love invitation suggestions/inspiration as well as the engagement ring gallery! As for vendors you can find local information and reviews on anything from venues (like Opal 28) to dresses to cake! You hardly need a planner anymore!

Here in the PDX area, we love Portland Bridge & Groom & Oregon Bride as local wedding resources:

Oregon Bride is a magazine and website that is known for its yearly “Best Of” Oregon weddings article that features the best venues, florists, bakery, etc. Opal 28 is the proud winner of the 2014 “Best New Wedding Venue” & 2015 “Best Rehearsal Venue” and “Best Venue for Intimate Gatherings.”

Portland Bride & Groom is a magazine that features real PDX weddings, and recognizes exceptional vendors. We love to binge on beautiful wedding videosand see al the different styles of weddings on the Portland Bride & Groom website.

Interview With Ronnie Of Malka Diamonds

Malka Diamonds is helping us celebrate our namesake month by donating a pair of opal earrings for us to give away! Opal 28 asked Ronnie Malka, owner of Malka Diamonds some questions about what it's like to be a part of the jewelry industry. 

How did you become interested in jewelry? The Malka Family has been involved in jewelry, more specifically,diamonds for the last three generations.  It was an obvious decision to follow in the footsteps that were paved for us.

What does Malka Diamonds specialize in? We are a one-stop jewelry store that specializes in custom jewelry and vintage rings.  Our state-of-the-art shop restores and creates just about anything.  We also have an exceptional collection of vintage and vintage-inspired rings as well as classic and timeless designs.  

You and your husband Dave work together to operate Malka Diamonds, whats your secret to a happy marriage?  It’s funny how often we get asked that question… I guess we would say that we never get hung up on the small stuff.  As long as we keep smiling and laughing, all is good.  We each bring different strengths to the shop.  David is a graduate gemologist, the guru of diamonds & gem stones.  He educates.  I am more of the host of the space.  I love to meet people, connect with them and find out what they are looking for.  Together, we make a good team.

What is your favorite part about selling engagements rings? An engagement ring is probably one of the most important artifacts in someone’s life.  It symbolizes the beginning of a life together.  There is a lot of pressure to purchase the "perfect ring” and we try to make the process a relaxing and memorable experience. Buyers come in, spend time with both David and myself, and gather information. They return to our store when they feel ready to buy.

What Is the most memorable proposal that you have heard about? We witnessed a proposal here at Malka Diamonds.  The couple picked out the ring together and she thought he would come back to pick it up later in the week and propose soon after.  Instead, he dropped to one knee and in front of our staff and a few other customers, asked her hand in marriage.  It was definitely memorable.

Thanks Ronnie! Check out Malka Diamond's website HERE. Malka Diamonds & Jewelry is located on 529 SW 3rd Ave. Portland, OR 97204

 Event Gratuity


1. a gift of money, over and above payment due for service

2. something given without claim or demand

Gratuity is always tricky - it is supposed to be an expression of appreciation and great service. And for big events like a wedding, allotting room in your budget for gratuity is very important. To help you plan ahead our general rule of thumb is:

-15% of all-inclusive packages 

-18-22% of regular food and beverage service

At Opal 28, we are proud to not include gratuity in your bill because we admittedly feel that gratuity should be given based on merit only after a job well done. 


Originally Posted: October 10th, 2016

CHEESE! Who doesn’t love cheese? Even lactose intolerant people seek dairy-free cheese cause it's so delicious. Ever wonder how to prepare the perfect cheese platter at your next party? We have the answer. It starts with a quick trip to your local grocer, we are partial to New Seasons because they have options of the following: olives, jars of pickled everything, dried fruit and fig spread. 

Important Tips:

-Keep the colors interesting! Not too much white and yellow cheese! Mix it up with some fun colored cheeses. Look for green cheese (Rosey-Goat/cilantro pepperjack) and red cheese (tomato and basil/Windsor Red). Make it colorful!

-Smaller the better! You don't want to see that expensive cheese disappear in seconds! Chances are you probably don't need much - a lot of cheeses only recommend centimeter sized cubes for gourmet cheese plates.

-Put gooey/crumbly cheese in the front of the cheeseboard. This way nobody has to reach around to the middle to awkwardly cut a piece off. Keep brie, gorgonzola, goat and blue cheese right in front with a serving knife.

-When adding meats to your cheese plate, we recommend putting the meat in a container that does not touch any of the surrounding cheese. This way vegetarians and non-red meat eaters are not deterred away from your cheese plate!

-We recommend 3 to 4 ounces per person for a cheese plate appetizer.

-Offer a selection of breads and crackers to go on or in a basket next to your cheese plate.

-Most popular cheeses at Opal 28 are: Brie (everyone's favorite), Manchego, Gorgonzola, Mozzarella Cheese Balls, and an Aged Cheddar.

-Our Favorite non cheese additions: pickled veggies (asparagus & green beans), fig spread, apricots, olives and chocolate.

Interview With Lux Sucre Desserts

Originally Posted: October 8th, 2015

Opal 28 loves dessert! Today on the #28daysofOpal blog we get to talk to our favorite baker, Chanelle Sabo, from Lux Sucre Desserts about her beautiful creations. Remember to share this post to win a pair of opal earrings from Malka Diamonds.  


Tell us about Lux Sucre, why did you start? 

Lux Sucre Desserts was founded in 2011 after I had attended the Baking and Pastry program at Oregon Culinary Institute here in Portland.  I have always had a love for beautiful bite sized desserts and gorgeous cakes that are almost too pretty to eat! I wanted to build a business based on extravagance and luxury and deliver that on a daily basis.  Always having a love for weddings, I decided upon this journey years ago when all my friends started getting married. I was hosting many bridal showers and gatherings and realized I had a knack for baking.  


What is your favorite dessert?  

Dessert is my favorite dessert! But if I had to decide on one, I would say that I love mini tarts or anything cheesecake related! 

Originally Posted: October 8th, 2016

What is your favorite part about working with Opal 28? 

I love working with Opal 28 for many reasons! For starters, the venue itself is perfection. I know that any client will be happy with the space and all of Margot's beautiful touches, have you seen that patio?! Stunning! Second, I can always count on the staff. Everyone on the Opal 28 team is always prepared and ready for each and every event. It makes my job so much easier knowing that I can count on them to follow through on any special instructions or details that may need attention. Every time I visit, I know I am in good hands. 


And anything else fun that you would like to include... :) 

Lux Sucre Desserts is featured in the current issue of Portland Bride and Groom magazine on stands now! The two page spread can also be seen here.. 



Thank you Chanelle! 

Make sure to check out her website for more information and pictures: http://www.luxsucre.com

Stay Here!

Originally Posted: October 7th, 2016

The property at Opal 28 not only has a vibrant event space but you can stay here too. Upstairs there are 4 one bedroom apartments. 3 of which have been converted into charming vacation rentals. This makes for a perfect place to get ready for your party, take bridal photos or crash after a few too many drinks at the Opal 28 Bar. Don't forget it's the 7th day of #28daysofOpal!


This newly renovated apartment includes:

    •    Queen Size Bed w/ Pillow Top Mattress

    •    Facing NE 28th Avenue for great people watching

    •    Amazing natural light

    •    FLOR specialty carpet

    •    Porch and stairs with direct access to the downstairs event patio

    •    Dining room seating for 6 



This charming apartment includes:

    •    King size bed w/ cozy blankets and pillows

    •    Large closet

    •    Separate living area with a futon and chair

    •    High ceilings

    •    Kitchen nook with expandable work table

    •    Vintage tiled bathroom

    •    Original hardwood floors

    •    Tucked away in the back of the bldg. 



This spacious apartment includes:

    •    King size bed w/ cozy blankets and pillows

    •    Sofa in the bedroom

    •    Large closet

    •    Separate living area with a sofa and 2 chairs

    •    Large kitchen

    •    High ceilings

    •    Juliet patio looking over the downstairs event patio

    •    Original hardwood floor


All units are $155/night inclusive of taxes + $30 cleaning fee 2 night minimum

Weekly rate: $855

Monthly rate: $2,200

Wine Pairing

Originally Posted: October 6th, 2015

Wine pairing is intimidating to a lot of people, but here at Opal 28, we like to mix things up with unique wine pairings that expand the mind & the palate.

Try some of these fun combos:

Guacamole & Sav Blanc-  The light, acidic, refreshing taste of the Save Blanc compliments the guacamole (similar to a Corona & Lime).

Potato Chips & Champagne - Salty foods & Champagne are always a fantastic combo (fries work great too). Two of our favorite mouth feels: crunch & bubbles!

Pickles & Dry Rose - Pickles & Pickled Veggies are high in acidity, so the fruitiness of the Rose is an awesome combo. It is a nice zesty, summer combo!

Spicy & Riesling - Dry Riesling is amazing with all spicy foods! From Indian to Mexican food: cool down the spice with the refreshing sweetness of a Riesling.

This post is day 6 of our #28daysofopal.  October is a month for Opal 28 to celebrate---its our namesake!  Read more in our past blog posts to understand why we love October!  Enter for a chance to win opal earrings from Malka Diamonds.  Just find us on Facebook, like us and share this post or any #28daysofopal to be entered.

How Many Drinks?

Originally Posted October 5th, 2015

How many drinks?  The age old question of how much beer, wine and liquor you should provide at your party or if you are entertaining at Opal 28 how much should you budget for.  Our general rule of thumb is 1.25 drinks per guest per hour.  The nice thing about our wine list is we can work around your budget---currently we love the Charles Smith wines: great price point, local-ish and tasty tasty.  The Charles Charles Cab/SyrahBlend is a favorite among the Opal 28 staff. Our other favorite is anything sparkling…. especially the Avissi Prosecco, “Avissi is a delectably fresh sparkling wine made from 100% Prosecco grown in Italy’s legendary Veneto region. In every glass, Avissi captures the very best of Italian style—it’s sexy and elegant, easygoing and friendly, delicious and delightful.”  When it comes time to talk about your drink menu Opal 28 bartender extraordinaire Lani loves creating specialty champagne cocktails, punches, and twists on old classics.  This is a great way to control the bar budget too by offering a mixed concoction sold by the gallon but prepared by the glass.  

Today marks Day 5 of #28daysofopal and remember each time you share our facebook and instagram posts you will entered to win Opal earrings from Malka Diamonds.

Music Playlists!

Originally Posted: October 4th, 2015

Music Playlist – We love Pandora & Spotify #28daysofopal!

Pandora & Spotify are time savers & both have great music for any occasion. Pandora is a radio station where you can choose a song or artist that you love & Pandora will create a station full of music that is similar to the original song/artist.  For $4.99 a month you can listen to Pandora free of ads...what a deal!

Spotify has a great selection of party playlists available as well. You can select the type of event (girls night out, dance party, BBQ, etc) or even chose a playlist based on your mood (good vibes, psyched, Sunday morning, etc.) Both platforms are great options to help you save time & host an amazing event!

In the event your budget allows for a band or a DJ we love live music!



Originally Posted: October 3rd, 2015

TRENDING: bars, not the kind you drink at but the kind that offer a variety of options so your guests can make their own authentic tacos, fresh mimosas, raw oysters, candy bags, savory waffles, spicy bloody mary’s, cheesy pasta, loaded potato, as you can see the options are endless. We love creating “bar” stations at events!  Among our favorite is the Opal 28 Savory Waffle Bar which includes rosemary waffles, thick cut bacon pieces, avocado, Vermont maple syrup, shredded cheese, pico de gallo.

Remember #28daysofopal is on day 3. We have a lot more to share with you this month plus the chance to WIN Opal earrings from Malka Diamonds.  Share this post via Facebook and https://instagram.com/opal28portland/ to enter.