Weekend Wedding Feature - Seven On Point Trends....

Fresh off our Wedding Convention in Las Vegas, we are overflowing with information. This weekend we wanted to give you lots to read---thats why we are giving you all the 2017 wedding TRENDS that were brought up again and again at the conference! Wow are there some wacky ideas for what is cool next year. If you are planning your wedding or event in 2017, check these trends out. Our 7 favorites are:

1. PANTONE 2017...these colors are rich and decadent

2. Glitter donuts...whhhat and YUMMY! Just be sure if you DIY get edible glitter. 

3.Real flowers as a pocket square, good bye boutonnière...love something different

4. Weed bars, we are in the right state for this!  

5.Out with robes, in with rompers

6. Lets play games...giant jenga on the Opal patio!

7. Geode and agate theme 

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